I am on a mission to share my brand and marketing knowledge to help business owners understand and own your Brand Story. You are the best spokesman for your brand and know it inside out.

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Claire Spalding

About Me

Hiya, I am a brand specialist with over 13 years of experience in brand and strategic marketing. In every day terms, I have been helping business's build and develop their brand identity, values and have helped to strategise for more successful, profitable futures.

I obtained a double Bachelors degree in Marketing & PR and Communications. My experience as a Brand and Marketing Manager is diverse and has allowed me to work within a wide range of industries (retail, food & beverage, interior design to name a few) in Australia and Europe. I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of working within multinational, large corporate environments, and have certainly learnt a lot, but I knew deep down that it just wasn't the right fit for me long term. I realised that I wanted to absorb as much as I could and learn from the best within their respective industries, and from there branch out on my own, and share what I had learnt with other small businesses to build their own brand identity.
I want to apply big business thinking into an every day, easily replicable and engaging way for ALL businesses. It’s my hope to reach as many people as possible, delivering this to businesses for a fraction of the cost. I am also inspired by working with people who are truly passionate about what they do and, similarly to myself, have taken the big step off the gravy train to back themselves.

For years I have been very passionate about really delving deep into brands, delving right to the core of why they exist, and what it is that will engage and resonate with their desired market to encourage their clients to become brand tribe members.
    I am on a mission to share my brand and marketing knowledge to help you, as business owners, to understand and own your unique Brand Story. You will develop a greater understanding of the WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHERE & HOW of your brand and business, and I will show you how to make it count.

I am passionate about brands, especially brands born from the heart, that is how my business started. Taking your business to the next level is easy with my 5-week Brand Pack course.

You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars in brand strategy fees to build a strong brand pack. You have all the answers and I am here to help with my carefully curated Brand Pack..
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