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Collaborative Workshop

Have you completed the Guided Study and need a little extra oomph in your brand pack to flesh out a little further? As my courses are all about working around your busy schedule and being mindful that you are all over the globe, I have set up 2 workshop options.

Course: Live Interactive Workshops.

Investment: Course prices and times coming soon
Study format: Online
Weekly tools: Live presentation lead by myself- Claire Spalding, digital presentation, brand pack workbook
Duration: 1 day - 3 hours (including breaks)
Support: Forum feedback for members
Access: Real time access only.

Course: On Location Workshops

Investment: Course prices and times coming soon
Study format: In person
Workshop tools: presentation and workshop lead by myself- Claire Spalding, presentation, brand pack workbook
Duration: 1 day - 4 hours (including breaks)
Completion deadline: 2 weeks
Support: 1x email feedback on your workbook feedback plus Forum feedback for members
Access: On the day access only.

Course outcome:

Build your existing brand pack and flesh it out in a collaborative environment and with my assistance. To better establish your business's branding and direction quickly and effectively to take it to the next level. Tangible brand pack, to use for business decisions including business strategy, digital strategy, brand strategy, marketing plans - pretty much every decision you need to make for your business will make reference to your brand pack.

As a marketer, I have always worked and thrived in a team environment. We have always said in our creative industry 'two heads are better than one'. I have found, as a small business owner, that this has been one of the hardest adjustments. Going from a large marketing team and with marketing agencies to bounce ideas off, to then go it alone as a Hans Solo. That is why I created these workshops, to bridge that isolation gap and team you up with like-minded entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off to help in building a more representative and diverse brand pack, as well as the opportunity to test with people that may in fact be your target market!

Workshop Outline
Both of these workshops are run within one day, with feedback from me afterwards. Get peckish and sometimes a little distracted? Don't worry, I have made sure there are tea and snack breaks!

  • What branding means to your business and its importance.
  • Key rules for a solid brand.
  • Then we start delving deeper into your business and build your brand pack.
  • What do you offer?
  • Where in the market does your brand sit?
  • Why do you exist?
  • How are you different.
  • Case Study – Alpha Basics brand pack
  • Defining your brand’s personality – what sort of brand (personality) do you want it to have?
  • Building your brand’s core, from inside to outside.
  • Determining physical attributes.
  • Breaking down the functional attributes.
  • Delving into the emotional rewards your brand gives the consumer.
  • Defining your brand’s key brand values.
  • Establishing your core personality.
  • Case Study – Alpha Basics brand pack.
  • Understanding how important nailing your target market is for your business.
  • 6 steps to defining ‘My Target Market’.
  • Who they are.
  • What they want.
  • Where do they research.
  • Brands and people they trust.
  • Case Study – Alpha Basics brand pack.
  • Creating a simple and easy mood board for your business.
  • Plotting out your competitors and where you sit.
  • Who are they?.
  • Why are they your competitor?.
  • strengths and weaknesses of your own brand v your competitors.
  • Plot this all out on a market map for your brand pack.
  • Case Study- Alpha Basics brand pack.
  • Defining your Unique Selling Points (USPs).
  • Setting out your brand’s mission statement.
  • Then putting all your 5 weeks of work into a brand map (your business reference gold).
  • Case Study – Alpha Basics brand pack.

    First step - build your essential brand pack to take your business to the next level. All from the comfort of your own home and at the fraction of marketing consultant's price.

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    Need my full attention? I will help bring your brand pack to life. Here we sit down and break down each week and flesh out your brand pack together.

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