Membership Forum


Sharing is caring, especially in the world of entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. I have included the Membership Forum with you in mind.


The forum gives members access to MY BRAND STORY  private Facebook group to connect with likeminded entrepreneurs around the globe. Here you can discuss things all brand and business and discuss your  Brand Pack  - post questions, discussion points, share your journey and final Brand Pack results.

I believe (as a solopreneur) it is important to surround yourself with, positive,  likeminded and driven people when you are driving your own business. Everyone in the group is just like you, wants to be as successful as they can. As they say 'two heads are better than one, threes heads are better than two. Let's chat and problem solve together.

I will also be live twice a week to answer any questions that you may have, building your own Brand Pack. Whatever week you are in, I will be there to guide and assist you through it, through discussion groups and Live chats on the Facebook group.

Once you have signed up to the Guided Study course, you simply need to request to join the group (the FB Forum will popup on your logged in dashboard menu). Make sure that the name you register here is the same name as you have on Facebook so that I can recognise you!

Sign up now and I will see you on there!