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Intensive One-On-One

Have you completed the Guided Study and need a little extra one-on-one help to nail your brand pack? We can set up a meeting around your specific timeline.

Course: Interactive One-On-One Intensive.

Investment: Amazing launch offer USD $2,800
Study format: Online
Duration: 14 hours total (including: 5x 1 hour sessions + 1 hour analysis after session + 2 hours initial brand research + 2 hours final analysis). Sessions are split and determined together at the time of booking.
Access: 1 x hour access per week (to be determined by both parties) = 7 hours total, I am all yours! You’ll also receive a follow-up email (2 days after each sesh) to answer any outstanding questions from our session.
Course outcome: Build your existing brand pack and flesh out in a consolidated environment, purely focusing on your brand with my assistance. To better establish your business's branding and direction quickly and effectively to take it to the next level. Tangible brand pack, to use for business decisions including business strategy, digital strategy, brand strategy, marketing plans - pretty much every decision you need to make for your business will make reference to your brand pack.

This session is very beneficial for those who want the assistance of that little bit more - I will use my experience to dig deep, right into your brand and business and challenge you on exactly what you stand for and where you want to take your business and then provide tools on how you will take it to the next level and be the leader in your industry.

Session Outline:

We will break up our 5 hours together, focusing on each step, chunk by chunk. You will have already created your brand pack..

What we will cover
Prior our catch up - you will have sent me your brand pack and have answered a short questionnaire so I can get right in there, and be only thinking of your brand when we meet.
Investment We meet and catch up on you and your business history and go over your brand pack.
I will then start working through with you and building a more robust brand pack on each segment of the module;

1. Defining Your Brand
2. Brand Personality
3. Who is Your Target Market?
4. Competitive Set
5. Mapping Your Brand

Here we really get to flesh out each step and I challenge you to get the better, most concise brand pack. This is your chance to have your very own brand strategist for 5 hours, I will bring my A-Game and years of brand experience. By the end of our session. Your result, a game-changing brand pack!
After our session, you will feel that much more confident with your business and branding, from there you have set a strong platform to build all marketing, business, strategy, product and much more activities from.
If you haven't already, check out my first step - guided study, and workshops for a more collaborative brand pack fleshing out environment. Plus once you are a member, you have access to the My Brand Story forum where you can connect with our creatives and find out much more – find out more below!


Build your essential brand pack to take your business to the next level. All from the comfort of your own home and at the fraction of marketing consultant's price.

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Thrive in a collaborative environment!? Completed the guided study and want just a little more help to flesh it out? Book yourself into a workshop.

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