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My Brand Story - Lulu Aesthete Collective

Lulu – Aesthete Collective

"Aesthete Collective has been established for over a year now. I have been building consistent, business but I didn't have a clear brand identity or direction. I really didn't know what my brand stood for or who it was I wanted to target as clients. In the world of styling and photography, like any industry, you need to stand out and communicate a clear aesthetic to bring in the business.

After building my Brand Pack, I was able to visualise my target market, work on a marketing plan and set a clear pricing structure for my business. My brand awareness has lifted with many like-minded collaboration opportunities and I am now getting the jobs I want and my business has never been so successful." Aesthete Collective

Georgia – Alpha Basics

"My Brand Story brand pack was a game changer for my business. The children's clothing marketing is very competitive and you need to identify how to stand out from your competitors and lead the market, whilst being true to your business and brand. I had not taken the time previously to think about who it was I was actually talking to, and how I could get through to them.

Now I have taken charge and currently reviewing all marketing and website strategies to make sure all activities fall in line, is consistent and 'on brand' with my business. What I love now is that all decisions are easy! I am not going round and around in circles, wasting time and with no clear path." Alpha Basics

My Brand Story - Georgia Alpha Basics

Margi – Eagle Bay Brewing Co.

"Eagle Bay Brewing Co. has been established for over 5 years now, set in the heart of the Margaret River Region. As an established brand, it was refreshing to take a step back and consolidate all our brand values, target market and competitive set in the brand pack.

I now have a clear standing point on where the business and brand should be and from this, planning market research and revising the marketing collateral and merchandise. What I realised is even though you might already be established, it is important to review where you stand with the brand pack and get insight on how to take the business to the next level." Eagle Bay Brewery

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