It's Time To Build a Truly Authentic Business & Brand that will Connect!
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‘My Brand Story’ is a 5-week brand building program that offers you empowering tools and know-how to enrich your business and steer it in a more successful and profitable direction.

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Every brand has a story. Just as we humans possess a personal narrative and reputation, so too does our brand. Products and services are often viewed as the sole way to connect with potential clients, but in creating a strong voice and story for your brand, you will attract your target market with ease and authenticity. This is the key to every successful business.

What is the BRAND PACK?

It is the tool that you will refer to every single day. It will establish a strong foundation for a successful and, more importantly, profitable business. After completing the 5-week course, you will emerge with razor sharp clarity on what your brand is, where it is going and how to get there. Check out the video below for more info.


My 5 step video series has been carefully curated (cutting out the irrelevant marketing jargon) to make you the champion of your brand and business. The videos are presented in a simple and engaging format that deliver strong, replicable and tried-and-tested strategies to make your business soar. You will emerge with a strong brand definition; unique brand personality; a clear target market; a greater knowledge of your competitors and your place in the current market; a refined and concise mission statement and a crystal-clear awareness of your business’s unique selling points (or UPS’s, you’ll be all over this acronym once you get stuck into this course!).

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Introducing My Brand Story Program

I have created this program and platform to suit everyone. The 5 week brand pack builder is designed to support and develop all businesses. You are the biggest expert in your brand, and with my guidance, we can ignite change within your business to see it reach the next level. I’ve designed the program in such a way that it infuses enjoyment and empowerment into your brand building journey. In addition to the course, you have the option of joining in my workshops (harnessing the power of like-minded business owners for some seriously game-changing brand work and brainstorming) or working one-on-one with me (think intimate and thorough brand development and collaboration).